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Press & Collections

Corporate Collections

1999 McKinney Avenue Association, Dallas, TX

Agence5970, Paris, France

Cornerstone Research, Menlo Park, CA

D Magazine, Dallas, TX

Houston's Restaurants, Phoenix, AZ

Kimberly-Clark Corp., Dallas, TX

Mansion on Turtle Creek, Dallas, TX

Nano Systems, King of Prussia, PA

St. Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe, NM

Zigler Corp., University Park, TX

Select Press

Viebrock, Susan.  TELLURIDE INSIDE…AND OUT, Dec. 16, 2014

Israel, Nancy Cohen. Driven to Abstraction, PATRON, Dec/Jan 2014

Viebrock, Susan. TELLURIDE INSIDE...AND OUT, Dec 13, 2012

Neiman Marcus, THE CHRISTMAS BOOK (COVER), 2008

Celeste, Eric.  "On Top of the world."  D-Home, Oct 2008

Land of Color and Enchantment (catalog) Lakeview Museum of Arts & Sciences, Peoria, IL 2008

Giovanni, Joseph.  "Invoking an Ideal"  Architectural Digest, June 2008

Zimmerman, Nancy  "Santa Fe Art:  The Ties The Bind an LA Couple".  TREND Magazine, Winter/Spring 2008

Dallas Dazzler, DECOR™, (COVER) Volume 4, Issue No. l, 2007

Grants help Longview Arts Bloom, Longview News-Journal, May 18, 2006

Evans, Glenn, Artists Share Layers of Works' Complex Simplicity, Longview New-Journal, May 5, 2006

Kutner, Janice,  Bright Hues On View at Gallery, The Dallas Morning News, November 3, 2004

Loos, Ted.  Texas Surprise, HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, (COVER) September 2003

Jukoff, Helene.  PATHWAYS TO CREATIVITY,  2001

Indyke, Dottie.   Art on the Edge,  Santa Fean,  May 200l

Morrison, Shari.   Mui Caliente En Santa Fe,  ArtTalk,  March 1999

Daniel, Mike.   Art,  The Dallas Morning News,  December 25, 1998

Rees, Christina.  Framed, Dallas Observer,  December 17, 1998

Star Time,  Dallas Star Telegram,  December 4, 1998

Wet Paint:  Abstract Expressions,  THE Magazine,  March 1998

In The Galleries, ArtTalk,  August/September, 1997

Paint Rush, The Dallas Morning News,  September 5, 1997

Local Gallery Stages New Exhibition,  The Turtle Creek News, September 7, 1997

Baldinger, Jo Ann.  Material Changes,  Focus/Santa Fe,  June/July 1996

Cline, Lynn.  Susan Sales Reacts to Upside Down World,   Pasatiempo  October 4, 1996

Think Layers,  Santa Fean,  October 1996

Hemp, Christine.  The Chaos Series,  THE Magazine,  November 1996

Studio Visits,  THE Magazine,  November 1995

Baldiner, Jo Ann.  High Spirited Dreamer,  Focus/Santa Fe,  October 1995

King, Lesley.  Susan Sales Takes Viewers on a Journey,  Pasatiempo  October 6, 1995

Gibson, Daniel.  Expressions of Spirituality,  SANTA FEAN, November 1994

Indyke, Dottie.  Susan Sales Works at Creating An Artistic Edge, Pasatiempo,  July 1, 1994

Compton, K. C.  The Edge,  Focus/Santa Fe,   July 1994

Dodson Brown, Janet.  About Color and Surface, Focus/Santa Fe, October, 1993

Silverman, Jason.  Susan Sales Turns Back on Pillow Talk,  Pasatiempo  December 25, 1992

Bell, David.  Opinions in Art Cross Political, Social Lines,  Albuquerque Journal North, Dec. 5, 1991

Artists Worth Watching,  ArtTalk,   August/September 1991

Villani, John.  Launching An Art Career Through the Back Door,  Pasatiempo, Sept.  27, 1991

Epstein, Panco.  No Shrine Before Its Time...,  Pasatiempo,  October 5, 1990

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